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Host or stay with professionals while travelling for business.

They live Tepee.pro

Vishal, Decathlon - India

I felt like a family member since I entered the house thanks to the way I’ve been welcomed. I could discover his culture, his city, all the things I would never have experienced staying in hotels...

Vishal, Decathlon - India
Ronan, Decathlon Sustainability - France

Let's say it's more exploring, discovering and learning something different, getting outside our box and our bubbles. Because when you host someone from your own company you already know that you share the same values...

Ronan, Decathlon Sustainability - France
Rachel, Leroy Merlin - France

Alex and I took this opportunity to share our ideas, networks and we even started to co-create together. We connected more and became close friends...

Rachel, Leroy Merlin - France

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What is Tepee.pro

A Couchsurfing solution for professionals

Tepee.pro aims to bring the couchsurfing world to professionals on business trips all around the globe.
Tepee.pro gives you the opportunity to stay at another professional's home ( start-upper, ONG member or freelancer, etc.) , or to open your own home to them while they ’re travelling for business

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New opportunities for you and your company

Tepee.pro is the perfect way to connect with professionals from all over the world.
You’ll always make lasting friendships along the way!
Enrich your business trips with local culture, ideas sharing, discoveries, ...
Save CO2 and money for your business unit and your company.

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