Diego - Can you repeat the question ?

Tribe - I'm Clara, Diego, Ariana & Ronan

Ariana & Ronan - US ! This is our place !

Ronan - It's was very cool for us, it was a nice experience. First of all, we were curious to know about their trip, the projects that you have ... so it was really nice to hear from you !

Clara - What we do is a bike trip with a big sculpture of plastic waste. We do events in all the places that we pass through so we try to connect local change makers that provide solutions to the waste problem we have.

Ronan - I work mainly on sustainable development and I really believe that it's all about giving information to people to make responsible actions.

Ariana - I work in communication in TV production to give emotion to people. We were really curious about getting to know people that don't come from the same place know their experiences, know what they've been doing.

We can say we travelled the world yesterday !

Ronan - Let's say it's more... you experience more the unknown part of it in the sense that when you meet & host someone from Decathlon; of course you already know you share the same values.

So let's say you ...it's more ... Exploring, discovering and learning something different, getting outside our box and our bubbles.

Ariana - I was actually really really comfortable with the idea... I was really excited

Ariana & Ronan - It's always an opportunity, Yeah it's an opportunity !

Diego - in spanish : "Aprender de los locales... y una experiencia distincta de viajar"

It's "learning from locals" and "a completely different way of travelling".

You found people you sit together and you realize that you have similar concerns. I have a now a really good opinion about Decathlon for example.

Ariana - Anyone that wants to come is welcome !

Watch them talking about their Tepee experience