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Tools for remote work - Trello vs Tepee.pro

Arnaud ➳ Washakie ➳ Cosson

Published November 22nd, 2018

3 min read

Remote work teams are more and more populars in companies. At Tepee.pro we decide to be 100% remote. We are a young company with a lot to discover. So when I saw a video from Trello "5 Rules To Work By When Managing A Remote Team 'Round The World" I add it to my "watch later" playlist.

Stella Garber Head of Marketing, give us very interesting tips from a true Remote Company.

In the video, Trello shows us the tools they use daily for remote work.
Let's compare with those we use at Tepee.pro

Tepee.pro vs Trello - Tools for remote work

For office work Trello and Tepee.pro use the same tools: Gmail and Google Suite / Goggle Docs.
For live exchanges and team chat, we both use #slack
For video conferencing, Trello relies on zoom, Tepee.pro relies on appear.in
For team organisation, both Trello and Tepee.pro use Trello.

How Tepee.pro use Trello from people board and company organization.

At Tepee.pro we also use Realtime Board for product features map and follow up.

How Tepee.pro use Realtime Board for product management.

Every Post-it is a feature. Stage of development are colors. Stars are work in progress.
Every week we update the board with done and prepare next milestone based on customer's feedback.

And last but not least, for source code management Tepee.pro use Gitlab.com

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