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Published March 13th, 2019

2 min read

We are challengers for the “Prize of The Public“ in the Best Start Up Trophy and you can support us !

It takes up to 3 minutes if you live in a cave and your internet connection is really bad, otherwise less !

1️⃣Start by Downloading the app

Download it on the Apple Store 🍎

Download it on the Google Play Store 🤖

Or look directly for “COM EN OR“ in the search bar

2️⃣Open the TROPHY menu

3️⃣Choose Public Prize / Vote Du Public

4️⃣Look For Tepee.pro

5️⃣Vote for us

6️⃣Now you can share it ➡️ tepee.pro/blog/company-life/vote-for-tepee.pro

Tepee Team

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