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Users story | Vishal at Florian | Lille 🇫🇷

Tepee Team

Published November 22nd, 2018

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V - Hello my name is Vishal, I'm from India. I work in Decathlon for 5 years.


F - My name is Florian and I work in a social institute in Lille. I manage a health institute that takes care of disabled children.

Until last week I didn't know about Tepee, I never met Vishal neither this great experience of welcoming someone travelling for business.


V - I enjoyed each and every moment spent with him, the home he has given to me..

I can barely express myself but I have this amazing feeling. Because staying in a hotel is very easy, you can easily get a room and reach people but you cannot get, a feeling !

I have got a very strong feeling for him, the experience I'm taking along with me to India... this is like amazing !

He allowed me to be myself, at his house. I feel like one of his family members and not like a stranger.


F - I live in a flat with a guest room where I use to welcome my family or friends. When the Tepee Team proposed me to welcome travelling professionals from other companies, I found it extremely interesting from a cultural a social perspective.


V - Thanks Florian for being like my Old Brother.


F - When I decided to welcome Vishal I was a bit anxious about my bad english and was worried about my working agenda. But today I want to thank you Vishal because for me it wasn't hosting, it was sharing and even more than sharing, it was travelling.

So I am the one thanking you. Thanking you for coming to my home because; I opened you my door, but you opened me one too !

Thanks to you, I met my neighbour for the first time. It was like a revelation for me... You have to welcome in your home someone living on the other edge of the world to finally meet your own neighbour !

It's a beautiful moral, because thanks to you I'm even more open to others & just to my neighbours ...


V & F - Thank you Vishal. Thank you. You're welcome !

Watch Vishal & Florian full Interview

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