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5 Best things to do in Lille

Allan ➳ Crazy Braise ➳ Ballester

Published December 7th, 2018

7 min read

First of all stay in Lille to experience the best of the city. Staying in Villeneuve d’Ascq used to create too much restrictions for you. Timing is not so huge between both location.
However there is thousand of reasons to stay in Lille rather than in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Could it be for Sport in the amazing Citadelle Park, Culture with the traditionnal Cafe Theater or Operas evening performance or even Local Foods with the famous Rue de Gand.
If you worry about the transport, it’s fixed in the second paragraph.


26 minutes is the average time that you spent by Car to go to Lille in the morning with car rental. Same time with Public Transport. How many time have you be affraid to damage the car ?
How many times have you doubted to drive back while ending a restaurant ?
With Public Transport you do not care about nothing except your foots !!!
Oh obviously 160g/CO2 saved per km .

All ticket machine propose english language and receive card payment.
Special tips : You do not need to buy several ticket, with one ticket you can pass several passenger.
Just pass it twice on the device and validate that you have a guest, press “OUI”.

And here is the Metro plan :

Are you sporty ? Follow the V’lille Local Self Service Bike Logo to be guided.


After a day of work give yourself fresh air in La Citadelle !!!
Lille host a very nice and nature environment where you will be able to pratice walking , running and also trail running, crossfit, yoga, stretching and all different nature sports you are passionate about.
Easily reachable by foot or V’lille (Self service city Bikes) by any point of lille.
Bike :  Leave it at the Station Champ de Mars, you will land in the core’s Parc.


Explore the Vieux Lille if you are here for your first time . Even a Night Walk will be enough.
Let’s find which profile is yours :

I like to discuss in a good restaurant > Explore Rue de Gand restaurants and its wonderful little gardens surrounding Avenue du Peuple Belge at its beginning. Very lively place.
 : Leave it at Avenue du Peuple Belge Station.

I want to discover the legendary friendly athmosphere of the north > Grab one of the great beer selection in the Gastama at the End of the Rue Saint Andre. Let surprise yourself speaking in English to someone else you have just crossed by.
Pick also one burger or planchas to share and let’s start to discuss.
Bike : Leave it at Place St André Station.

We are group and we would like to find a good place to eat > Fan of cheese ? Take your phone and call the Broc Bar in Place de Béthune and let yourself go in calories with the traditionnal Welsh.   : Leave it at Place Richebé Station.

Would like to try French Crepes with the taste of the north in a basement ambiance ?
Book with Creperie Beaurepaire in Rue Saint Etienne and ask for the basement place.
Bike : Leave it at Nouveau Siècle Station. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan too.

  Mathieu Champion – Local Advice
As sunny days are coming, I fully advise you to go to Gare Saint Sauveur for an after work drink, 15min walk from Btwin village , there is also a lot of nice restaurants & bars around the Jean Baptiste Lebas square (La Consigne, Mother Pub, Verlaine, Baan Boon…). Try the micro brewery Mouss’Touch. Everything is there 


If you love Culture do not miss all the opportunity offered to you while passing Lille.
If you do not speak French culture still accessible to you after a long day work.
Opera is a very great place with all the performance will please your ears and mind.
Bike  : Leave it at Opera Station.

If you are French speaker then explore typical French Theaters. Performances start late and allow to eat before or take the one earlier and eat later. La Boite à RireSpotlight or La Comédie de Lille are three very good adresses.
Do not hesitate to book it through BilletReduc.com a very great site to get cheap ticket !!!
If you expect a very high standard theatre then get information in Sebastopol Theater.

Bike : Leave it at Theatre Sebastopol Station.

Allan ➳ Crazy Braise ➳ Ballester

CEO • Tepee Professional Couchsurfing