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Terms and conditions Tepee

Revision: October 2018


In order to facilitate worldwide business trips and interaction between employees worldwide, TEPEE Couching Professionnel developed a digital platform : TEPEE. This is supposed to link collaborators who wish to share a common experience within an exclusive business trip. During their trip, the collaborator will have the opportunity to be hosted by a local collaborator from the same or a different company at his own place, for a shared night and/or meal

This platform is exclusively based on volunteering.

The aim of this charter is to frame the use of TEPEE platform (designed below as “TEPEE”), that is exclusively destined to worldwide workers (called below as “Tepee's”). Any use or back doors to TEPEE is strictly forbidden to any person outside of the work environment or to any student or people seeking jobs.

For the whole charter, the term “TEPEE” is used to designate the company Tepee Couching Professionnel.

The term “collaborator” designs any person linked by a valid work contract (fixed term or permanent contract) to an entity in the world companies environment. Are not included in the notion of “collaborator” : students, job seekers.

The term “Use” gathers every operation made by the Tepee's from the moment he subscribes to TEPEE, included any simple consultation, no matter the access mean (laptop, tablet, smartphone), the connexion type (private/public wi-fi, or any other type) and connexion place (from France or from abroad).

The use of TEPEE implies acceptance, without reserve, of the present Terms of use. These Terms of use can be modified without prior notice. From this moment, the used chart is the one readable on TEPEE.


TEPEE can be used :

To link collaborators of any company who live in different geographical areas/countries/cities

To facilitate interaction between collaborators of any company between each other

To prevent bad experiences that could occur because of a lack of knowledge of the culture and/or destination country by the collaborator on a business trip

To reduce travelling costs for collaborators and companies


Account creation

TEPEE use is strictly based on volunteering. It also requires the creation of a Tepee's account. For this matter, the collaborator needs to register on https://tepee.pro and fill the following data (those followed by an asterisk are mandatory, the others are optional) :

  • User name *
  • Name, Family name *
  • Picture
  • Description
  • Hosting address *
  • Phone number (mobile phone and/or fix) *
  • Email address *
  • Birth date
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Job
  • Language *
  • Hobbies
  • Extra activities
  • Realised and planned trips

Among the previous data, only the following ones will be displayed to all Tepee's registered on TEPEE.
The other data can be displayed or hidden, choice being given to every Tepee's :

  • User name
  • Picture
  • Language
  • Gender

Account creation will be notified to the collaborator thanks to a confirmation e-mail.

Compatible devices : smartphone and laptop


Linking arrangements :

  • Displayed data in order to contact a Collaborator able to host the Tepee's are :

Status (host or guest), is Ambassador or not, Passion Sport, Member since, Last connexion, along with a free field for personal introduction

  • Booking acceptation can only be done once the host collaborator validates the request, by using the APPROVE BOOKING button on Inbox menu. He can also freely deny the request by clicking DECLINE BOOKING.

Messages can be sent between them to arrange.

  • The meeting place is arranged between host and guest, using any communication mean (Tepee messages, professional emails, phone call, …)
  • Booking confirmation is made once the APPROVE BOOKING button has been used. Both host and guest will then receive a confirmation email
  • Booking cancellation can be made anytime from either host or guest. They will both receive a notification email.

Personal data protection

Personal data filled by the Tepee's will only be used for TEPEE. Data can be used in case of an emergency linked to TEPEE users security.

They will never be used for other goals. If no legal obligation, those data will be stored in Europe, following security conditions according to required standards by the current rules. According to the current rules in countries where TEPEE is accessible, every Tepee's has the right to access, modify or block his own data. To do so, he can contact TEPEE administrators via the following link : allan@tepee.com

In order to know more about personal data protection, Tepee's can read “Personal Data” menu on TEPEE platform.

Teeper cannot :

  • Commit any illegal action
  • Extract or collect personal data from other TEPEE users
  • Extract, save or exploit, other than for display during navigation on TEPEE, users data, concerning privacy, personal data or image rights
  • Stock, spread or publish any matter being illegal, detrimental, abusive, racist, hateful, revisionist, opposite to good manners, affecting privacy or private rights and security, including image rights of people and goods, intellectual property or respect of privacy.
  • Stock, spread or publish any information that could reveal, directly or indirectly, one’s political, philosophical or religious opinions, syndical membership, health status or sexual orientation
  • File contents for a third person
  • Usurp one’s identity and/or publish any personal data from a third party
  • Stock, spread or publish content that can hurt, directly or indirectly any company present
  • Voluntarily publish fake, deceptive or incorrect information

In a general way, the Tepee's agrees to abstain from any behavior contrary to work ethic or values and interests of any company.

In order to facilitate the interaction between Tepee's, TEPEE offer them different services and modules allowing the content posting.

For the need of the presents, “content” is defined as any element posted by Tepee's in Tepee.pro and the TEPEE tools and platforms, as text, comments, review, recommandations, images, pictures or all other types of documents.

Any Tepee's is responsible of all they produce on his name and from his computer terminal. Tepee's commit himself to inform straightly TEPEE, in case they will think their username is, or could be known by an user who do not have the rights to use it.

TEPEE can only be used in a professional way.


Usage strictly professional

TEPEE is exclusively dedicated to the following travels : national or international travels in a strictly professional context. Tepee's strictly forbid himself to use TEPEE in a total private context or partially private. (for eg : benefit professional travel in order to extend the stay for personal reasons.)


Since he/she hosts one or several Tepee's, the Tepee's host commit to put in place all the means to guarantee the security of his guest(s). According to that he commits mainly to :

  • Be holder of an insurance contract for his principal residence (place of hosting), effective and updated in terms of the current reglementations of the dixit residence.
  • Being covered by his civil responsibility for all the potentials damages that could impact other Tepee's.
  • Keep their first residence clean (place of hosting), secure, average hygiene while the Tepee's stay.
  • Warn and inform the emergency services available locally in case of an accident, do not taking personally the duty of the injured Tepee's, at the risk of worsen their state of health.

If, while a Tepee experience is occurring, the Tepee's host is pretended to transport one or several Tepee's in his personal vehicle, or any other vehicle, he commit to put all the means to guarantee the security of the passengers. In order to that he commit specially to :

Being holder of a driving licence allowing to drive in the territory of his principal residence (place of hosting).
Adopt a careful drive and respect strictly the relevant road safety rules.

Being holder of an insurance contract covering all the damages potentially caused to passengers.
Use a vehicle in an perfect security state and functions, and notably satisfying the periodic obligation of technical control.

The Tepee's host is informed that Tepee experience, including the welcoming, eventually the transport, the leisure sharing, or any other activity with another Tepee's is under his whole responsibility. The duty of the host company will never be able to be engaged in any case of incident.


Either host or guest, the Tepee's commit, in any circumstances, to respect all other Tepee's.
In order to that , he commits to :

Honour the commitments done (either host or guest)

Being punctual to the meeting fixed

Being polite and courteous while the Tepee experience

Respect the principal residence (place of hosting) of the Tepee's host, as well as their inhabitants

Do not contact and call the Tepee's at late hours

Respect the rest times of the Tepee's (holidays, weekly day off, weekends, etc..)

Do not contact the other Tepee's in other manner than for his professional travel

Do not communicate, from any way, the personal informations given by TEPEE

Do not deliberately publish wrong, dishonest or misleading informations,

Free admission?

If TEPEE has the benefit to create saves, particularly through the decrease of the travel expenses, it could not allow Tepee's to get richer in any way it could be.

It reminds to the Tepee's that the achievement of non profit service without authorisation is constituent of a work offence masked, liable to penal or financial sanctions.

Therefore, in the hypothesis of any Tepee's would like to mutualise the costs link to the Tepee experience, notably sharing the cost of meal or activity, any it could be, they commit as it will be done without any accumulation of wealth and with written proof.

TEPEE usage will never give rise at any remuneration, any it could be, for the Tepee's.

It’s precise here that the usage of the professional expenses notes is personal and individual.
Since then, if the Tepee's guest want to be compensate of his travel expenses, this expenses notes will not benefit the Tepee's host.

The Tepee's is informed that the non respect of all the above point is liable to to the suppression of his Tepee account.